Welcome to my guitar site. Here you can find my own sheetmusic, everything about my 2 guitars, a few audio recordings and a few videos. I hope you like it. The first two pages are dedicated to the build of my Ryan Cathedral and the Ryan Nightingale. I will try to update this page about once a month if I have news or new material. -Updated 23 oktober. New Video Recording-


The Ryan Cathedral is a very special guitar to me. It has been everything I had hoped for. I ordered it in the first months of 2004 and it came almost 8 months later. In these pages you can follow the build from specs and raw woods to the finished guitar (just scroll down)

Having fallen in love with the Cathedral, in Januari of 2005 I really missed having a second guitar for alternate tunings like DADGAD, EADEAD and DGDGBE, so I ordered a Ryan Nightingale to complement the Cathedral. Now it has become my main instrument for standard tuning and Drop D tuning, because the Cathedral just sounds amazing tuned down.

I have recorded a few pieces in my little studio. Here you can (hopefully) hear some progression I have made over the past few years. Just click on the button Audio Recordings to the left, or use the button in the menu below.

For instruction purposes or just for fun, every now and then I record myself playing a song I like. It is good practise, because nothing is more sobering than seeing yourself play. I think it did help me progress over the years. Just click on the button Video Recordings to the left, or use the button in the menu below. -UPDATED 23-10-

And finally, here is some sheet music I wrote over the years, so I can distribute it freely, enjoy! -UPDATED 18 september-


Last update: 16 oktober 2006.